National Seminar: Orality and Folklore-A look into the Naga Arena

A UGC sponsored National Seminar, conducted by Japfü Christian College, on Orality and Folklore: A Look into the Naga Arena concluded at Kerünyü Ki, the Listening Home of Niketu & Christine Iralu. Earlier, the faculty and other scholars presented about 28 researched papers on the theme where Dr. Visakhonü Hibo delivered the Keynote Address. The final day culminated with Mr. Niketu Iralu, Peace Activist, Mr. T. Khongo, Former MLA, Er. Fredy Bodmer, Rtd. Head of Security, Department of Justice, Switzerland and Mrs. Monika Bodmer, Rtd. Kindergarten Developer, Switzerland to address the seminar participants for a listening experience on the 18th of November, 2015. The seminar was a humble attempt to help document the fast vanishing oral tradition of the Naga Culture.